Chenoa German Shepherd Dogs and German Shepherd Puppies


Habib's photo of his chenoa puppy named tux

I was looking for a GSD in the early '90s and came across an ad in the Denver Post by Chenoa that caught my eye because it sought only caring and conscientious owners. I responded and then visited Susan in Walden, Colorado to see her bitch named Dakota who struck me as kind and loving. Sue suggested that I read more books on the breed to fully appreciate these magnificent animals. I did. I went through her entire reading list and she spent time answering questions and making suggestions about raising and possibly even showing. I visited the litter days after it was born and Sue was welcoming and gracious. I was impressed by her puppy socialization program. I was looking for temperament and looks. She gave me the Pick of the Litter - who she named Chenoa's Black Tie Affair - who we called Tux. The socialization was excellent. I have not yet seen a breeder in Colorado who is as dedicated. Sue used to pile the puppies into her SUV and take them to the elementary school in Walden to play with the kids! Tux came home confident and crate trained. He adjusted quickly to my home. He was bright, happy, outgoing, and enthusiastic. He loved his ball and his pack. He traveled all over the country with me because I flew a twin engine airplane all his life. Sue's suggestion of continuing obedience after Puppy Kindergarten paid off as Tux behaved well in public. I was really proud of him. We had 8 wonderful years together. My son who grew up around him also adored him. It was hard to lose him and harder still to realize that these are special bonds we never have enough of. He was a true friend, companion, and family member.

habib and tux as an adult

Sue runs an excellent kennel. The quality of her dogs is outstanding and the careful selection of her customers ensures the happiness of her dogs. I have not yet seen a more conscientious breeder. Her dogs are socialized, happy, dependable, and epitomize the breed. She will deliver a puppy that you will remember for ever. I recommend her and the kennel unequivocally.

--- Habib Nasrullah







Bailey sitting on rock near river owned by lois leibherr   bailey as a puppy sitting looking up owned by lois leibherr

My husband and I have 3 German Shepherds. Our oldest is 11 years and comes from a line from Chenoa German Shepherds. We had a good experience at purchasing our puppy at 1 years old. The puppy packet was very informative and the best I have seen yet. The health quality of our female is good.

bailey as an adult with her other two housemate german shepherds owned by lois leibherr

Her temperament and social skills are very good. She gets along with her brother and baby sister, not of the same litter. She loves to play and is good with children. She is loyal to her owners. She is the sweetest. She is fun and easy to train. Her intelligence is good.

I have used Susan MacArthur in choosing my other 2 Shepherds and found her to have a great insight and willingness to help at any time. Our newest puppy was found through Susan's recommendation and we are very pleased with her, now 5 months old.

My husband Joe and I believe German Shepherds are the best breeds!

Sincerely, Joe & Lois Liebherr

Bailey and the rest of our canine family owned by lois leibherr








Chenoa's Joyful Jessie born 12-14-1996 owned by Tracey Lutey

I have raised and bred Irish Wolfounds for over 20 years. A few years ago, my husband and I wanted to get a German Shepherd for a companion dog and possibly to compete in obedience, agility or tracking. I was looking for a rescue or older dog. My obedience trainer recommended I contact Susan MacArthur.

Susan was selling Jessie a one year old GSD. My husband and I met with her and met Jessie. Buying Jessie was a professional and comfortable transaction. Susan was very thorough in her contract and information provided about GSD health, behavior and conformation. I have borrowed some of the items from her contract for our Irish Wolfhound puppy contracts as well.

While Susan was hopeful that Jessie would be shown in conformation, we could not have an intact bitch with our intact Irish Wolfhounds. Therefore, we had Jessie spayed. Susan supported our decision in that and made no requirement that we keep Jessie intact.

There has been no need to return Jessie to Susan, but I knew that she would be willing to work with us should that be necessary.

I would recommend Susan to either novice or experience dog owners as a responsible breeder of companion and show dogs.

Tracey Luty (2003)
Pine, CO



show picture of dana german shepherd bitch owned by  ron fullerton

We purchased Dana, a female German Shepherd, from Susan MacArthur on August 1, 1996. Dana was 22 months old at that time. (Picture at right was taken in 1996)

On our first visit to Susan's kennel. I must say that I was impressed with the manner in which she organized and maintained the facility. All kennel areas were clean, well ordered and well organized for the optimal care of her dogs. She had puppies in addition to her adult dogs and all of the animals were clean, happy, well fed and glad to see us. They obeyed her instantly as we toured the premises and we had an enjoyable visit with her. Susan had decided not to use Dana in her breeding program. We purchased Dana on the condition that she be spayed and kept as a pet. Susan interviewed us thoroughly to be sure that we could care for Dana and to verify that we had adequate pet facilities at our home.

We made an appointment to have Dana spayed and prepared our home for our new guest. When we made the trip to pick up Dana, she had just had a bath and Susan brought Dana into her home. Susan had rules for the dogs when they visited the house and Dana was polite and well behaved. Susan gave us Dana's travel kennel, feed bowl, water bowl, leather show leash, a supply of food and toys so that Dana would have an easy adjustment to her new environment.

dana in 2003 owned by ron fullerton

Dana is now a permanent member of our family. She is our friend and protector. We maintain a regular schedule for vet visits and Dana has not had any health problems. (Picture on left is Dana in 2003)

My oldest daughter moved back home last year from Georgia and brought her eight-month-old chow/lab mix puppy. Dana has been an integral member of our puppy training team. She seems to enjoy the company and it will be an adjustment for both dogs when my daughter moves again.

I would encourage Susan to get back into showing and breeding again soon. We need people of her integrity and knowledge to work with our canine friends. Susan conducted our business in a professional manner. She knows her business. We would not hesitate to purchase another shepherd from her.

Ronald G. Fullerton (2003)



Cassidy the happy show dog owned by carol byington   Chenoa's Frauline Cassidy born 8-15-1994 owned by carol byington

We purchased Chenoa's Fraulein Cassidy 'Cassie', from Susan back in 1994. It was our first experience with a responsible breeder. The puppies were 3 weeks old when we saw them for the fist time. Susan was very gracious and let us come visit with the puppies every week. She gave us a list of books that she suggested we read while waiting for our puppy. We purchased some of those books and still use them for a reference today. We wanted a GSD mostly as a companion but also wanted to do obedience. After temperament testing the puppies she picked the puppy that she thought would be best suited for our home. Our daughter showed her in obedience and junior showmanship in 4-H. She then went on to show her in junior showmanship and agility at AKC shows. Cassie will be 10 years old on August 15th and is still chasing Frisbees and Kong toys!! We would not hesitate to purchase another GSD from Susan.
2004 by Carol Byington


show picture of kevin  macarthur showing chenoas great adventure aka rhini

I first met Susan in September of 1994; I had called her about getting a puppy from her as she was highly recommended from a co-worker of mine. Susan questioned me about what I wanted in a German Shepherd and what experience I had had with the breed, then invited me to her home. When I visited her for the first time, she answered the questions I had and then took me out back to meet the dogs. Since she did not have little puppies at that time, she asked if I was interested in an older pup. When I was not, she told me of a repeat breeding she had planned with the parents of my co-worker's dog. I filled out a out a questionnaire and gave her a deposit. Rhini (Chenoa’s Great Adventure) was born in December; one of just two pups. Susan called me a couple of weeks later and asked if I wanted to co-own Rhini with her as she was show quality, as I was already bonding with Rhini I agreed. Rhini showed for about 4 years and though she never got a championship she always won her class. Susan bred her in 1996 and she produced a very nice litter of pups, Susan then signed off of the co-ownership for Rhini.

In the fall of 1998, Susan asked if I was interested in breeding Rhini again as she had found a male that she wanted to breed to. Susan leased Rhini from me and bred her to a Champion in Utah (Ch. Jagen’s Valentino). Susan personally drove Rhini to Utah to the stud dog owner’s house and after a week she returned. Rhini gave birth to a litter of 6 in April of 1999. We again went into a co-ownership of a pup that was show quality in that litter and Kolby (Chenoa’s Kindred Spirit) came to my home at 8 weeks. Kolby currently is doing very well in the show ring and is close to finishing his championship and then will compete for his Canadian championship. As we have moved away from Colorado, I asked Susan to sign Kolby over to me and she agreed.

show picture of chenoas kindred spirit aka kolby in 2002

Susan and I have been friends from the first moment we met and she takes an active interest in all her prodigy. Her dogs are very well mannered and have great temperaments; I am always getting complements on how my dogs behave in public. I realize that most of that is in how they are socialized but the foundation has to start with the breeder. Susan plays an active role in a young pup’s mental attitude and socializes them so they are not afraid of everyday occurrences. When these pups leave her they are well adjusted and ready to face their new world. Susan’s dogs are also health checked prior to leaving her and I have never had any real health issues with either Rhini or Kolby. I cannot say that there are not health issues within the breed, but have heard of very few with Susan’s dogs. I know that Susan researches pedigrees to get the best possible breeding with the least amount of health issues.

I would and have recommended her to any one looking to get a quality German Shepherd Dog. Susan belongs to The German Shepherd Dog Club of America and is a signer of their Breeder’s Code of Ethics. She is also a member of the Rocky Mountain German Shepherd Dog Club. She has been my mentor to the world of dog shows and in starting my own kennel, and will always remain my friend.

Sincerely, Luanne Crinklaw
Silvermoon German Shepherds
Home of: Chenoa’s Great Adventure
Chenoa’s Kindred Spirit


Timber at 12 weeks old owned by the medinas   Timber as adult owned by the medinas

Happy Holidays - we thought you would enjoy seeing Timber. He's a big boy and such a lap dog. He requires lots of hugs and kisses and is doing very well.


Robin, Ben & Timber






Chenoa's Cheyenne Cody aka cody born 7-9-1993 owned by loretta mccormick

Susan -

It was great hearing from you. We are all fine. Cody is the best thing that has ever came into our lives. We love her more than you could imagine. Here is a few photos of our girl. Hope you and your family have a Merry Christmas and great New Year.

Love, the McCormick's

Colby and Cody in September 2005

Update - September 13, 2005

I would love for you to use the picture on your website. I would like to tell you how much Cody has touched the lives of everyone she has met, be it, human or animal. Everyone falls in love with her and she loves everyone. She is so special to so many! All the animals we bring into our home she thinks she's their "mommy." Her children now consist of Colby the "baby" German Shepherd, two cats, a rabbit and a gerbil. At one point we had a very large turtle that would only respond to Cody. She is an amazing animal! I have been blessed to have her in my life! Enclosed is a picture of Cody with her two brothers...Tyson is the cat and Thumper is the rabbit. I'll send you more soon. God Bless and Take Care.

Cody and Friends in September 2005

Love, Loretta, Rick and the guys








Huli born 8-15-1994 owned by marguerite van doorslaer

Marguerite van Doorslaer
Born: August 15, 1994





Kuno in July 2005   Kuno in October 2004

Kuno - owned and loved by Susan Shultz-Nagel and Mark Nagel.
Pictures taken by Mark Nagel, (aka Kuno's Daddy)



Claire - august 2006

Claire turned 11yo July 29th (2006). She is very healthy and outgoing. She does take the next day off after a hike. ..... The photo attached is from early August last month on top of Mount Sherman.

Hope all is well.

Best Regards,

Cy Davis


Please follow this link to view a letter that one of our puppies wrote to us not long after he was placed with his new mom. His name is "Bob" (this is an adobe .pdf file).



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